Goodbye Guitar Chords

Goodbye Guitar Chords by The Beatles

C                          Em
Please don't wake me up to late 
     Am             F      Dm       G   C     G
Tomorrow comes, and I will not be late
C                      Em       Am
Late today when it becomes tomorrow
       F         G   C      G7
I will leave and go away
Goodbye, goodbye, 
goodbye, goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye,
My love, goodbye
C                         Em
Songs that lingered on my lips
Excite me now 
F          Dm      G   C     G
And linger on my mind
C                           Em
Leave your flowers at my door
I leave them for 
    F         G      C        G7
The one who waits behind
C    Em Am F Dm G C    G       C    Em Am F G C     G7
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...        Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...
C                 Em
Far away my lover sings 
   Am               F      Dm      G     C      G
A lonely song and calls me to his side
C                         Em
Where the sound of lonely drums
     Am         F        G       C         G7
Invites me on I must be by his side
C     Em  Am        G/Am7          F        Csus4#5                 C
  oooooooo    ooooo          ba ba ba ba ba ba           bye bye       

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